EPISODE 38: Living Through Childhood Abuse – War and Finding Extreme Courage with Bjorn Hermansen

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Trigger Warning and Depictions of Violence: This episode shares graphic details of child abuse, war explosions, and other traumatic events. We do not recommend this content for children. If this is overwhelming or hits a little too close to home for you, we encourage you to check out another episode and come back when you’re ready!

 You’ve heard the term ‘hindsight is 20/20’, but sometimes when we look back at our journey, things aren’t always so easily explained. Our guest today has an incredible story of courage, resilience, and making the best of what you have. But looking back at the trials and tribulations Bjorn Hermansen has gone through there is no doubt in our mind that nothing short of the grace of God could have kept him alive. 

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Today we have the honor of hearing Bjorn Hermansen’s story from growing up in an abusive household, to nearly being killed in Iraq, to now owning a gym and instilling life skills into the younger generation. Bjorn talks about the dread of spending summers with his father and the impact both physical and emotional abuse had on him and his younger brother. You’ll hear about the moment he stood up to his father, ending the physical abuse, and how he navigates their relationship today. 

Listen in as Bjorn talks about his time in the Marines as a radio operator and the moment he should have died in a C4 explosion. Bjorn attributes his life to God’s protection both while dealing with physical abuse and his time in Iraq. We talk about where Bjorn is now and the lessons he’s learned along that way that have given him the confidence to choose a life of happiness and healing. 

We hope this episode encouraged and inspired you to make the best out of any situation you encounter. 

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More of what we talk about...

  • Growing up in an abusive household
  • The moment Bjorn decided he had enough
  • Choosing the right path for you
  • Narrowly escaping death in Iraq
  • How Bjorn has kept a healthy mindset
  • Seeing God’s hand in past situations
  • Buying a gym in Mississippi after the military
  • Teaching life skills through gymnastics
  • Instilling courage into the younger generation
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today
  • 3:11 Growing up with an abusive dad
  • 7:56 How Bjorn decided enough was enough
  • 12:14 Bjorn’s relationship with his dad now
  • 16:57 Learning to survive
  • 20:29 Bjorn’s time in Iraq
  • 25:09 Caught in an explosion of C4
  • 29:54 Making a name as a radio operator
  • 33:00 How these experiences helped Bjorn
  • 38:02 Life after Afghanistan
  • 42:33 Buying a gym
  • 48:52 Bjorn’s advice for you
  • 50:16 Closing thoughts

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