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Hitting the mark and topping the charts, Chuck and Clint are wishing you a happy new year filled with many blessings. It’s been a tremendously blessed adventure and the Warriors Unmasked Team would like to thank you all for your support thus far, and for joining us on such an amazing journey. We look forward sharing some pretty cool and exciting stuff moving forward. It’s going to be a great 2022, one filled with even more incredible light, love, and inspiration. 

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That’s correct, you read it right! Catch Chuck and Clint each week engaging with a new guest. 52 total episodes for the year with a mission to bring our viewers even more in the near future.

From traumatic brain injuries, addiction, and making life changing decisions, each topic in every episode in filled with lasting impressions inspiring our followers to live a more fulfilled life.

Professional and amateur athletes and coaches, military personnel, first responders, and more.


Warriors Unmasked, “IT’S NOT JUST A GOALIE THING”, The Podcast is a show that takes a deep dive into the life journeys of professional and amateur athletes/coaches, military personnel, first responders, and even those next door.

Co-Hosts, Chuck Thuss and Clint Malarchuk, share in-depth stories and personal experiences, speaking open-heartedly and honestly with guests like Tyler Pelke, Allan Kehler, Corey Hirsch, and many more. Be inspired by the level of intimacy shared in each episode, a rare unmasking of warriors of all kinds.

Our mission is to gift hope, inspiration, and courage to our listeners by sharing stories focused on perseverance, courage, and mental health.

We welcome you to join our journey.

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Meet Chuck and Clint, hear about The Three Pillars of Warriors Unmasked, and listen to our inspirational guest stories from Tyler Pelke, Allan Kehler, Corey Hirsch, Curtis Anderson, Jared Lemon, Ken Falke, Colin Wilson,  Shane Pettis, and Corey Christman.

It's Not Just A Goalie Thing!

Warriors Unmasked, “It’s not just a goalie thing,” – The Podcast is committed to delivering you and the world a new episode every week for the entire year.



That’s right, as Warriors we know we’ve got to put skin in the game and that game is the game of life. For us, our tag “It’s Not Just a Goalie Thing,” is so much more. For that reason, we’ve purposely chosen to Warrior up and gift you our Warriors Unmasked website. 

Our intention is simple. Directly or indirectly, we wish to support you and collectively connect. We are talking the talk and walking the walk, and courageously opening up and sharing on our show with hopes to inspire you and the world. We will continue to grow, unmasking as we go. Our only wish is for you to come grow with us. 



Moving forward you will forever find an archived arsenal of the Warriors Unmasked – The Podcast episodes to date, right here in the main menu tab. Just click on PODCAST Series and gain instant access to every podcast episode to date starting in 2021 and moving into 2022. If you are fan and want more info just tap on the title of each episode and to get overviews, quick links, minute to minute recaps, and more. Seek and you shall find. We will remain steadfast with an open heart and keep the unmasking going as we expound upon our mission.


FOUNDERS/ CO-HOSTS of Warriors Unmasked – The Podcast!

Chuck Thuss

Born in Strathroy, Ontario, Chuck Thuss is a Miami University (Ohio) graduate with a double major in Health and Sports Studies and a minor in Coaching. As a walk-on goaltender, Chuck worked his way up… For more on Chuck click here!


Clint Malarchuk was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where he played junior hockey in the Western Hockey League. He went on to play professionally in the National Hockey League for the Quebec Nordiques… For more on Clint click here!


Two of the amazing gifts we receive from hosting Warriors Unmasked – The Podcast are the people we meet and the inspiration they give us through sharing their journey. For both, we are truly grateful.

Curtis Anderson

Hosted ByChuck & Clint

Corey Hirsch

Hosted ByChuck & Clint

Allan Kehler

Hosted ByChuck & Clint

Tyler Pelke

Hosted ByChuck & Clint