EPISODE 26: Stopping The Stigma -Working Towards Better Mental Healthcare with Jennifer Christman

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If you’ve been listening, you know mental health is a pillar of what we here at Warriors Unmasked believe is crucial. But, to this day, there is still a negative stigma around mental illness, leading many people who struggle to feel isolated.

So how can we, as friends and family help?

Our guest today is President of Three Wire Systems and mental health professional Jennifer Christman. Jennifer is working to improve access to reintegration services in wellness, behavioral health, navigational advocacy, financial and career transition coaching. Having served in the military, Jennifer has witnessed the stressors and hardships of not only being a veteran but also everyday life.

Listen in as we discuss the stigma of mental illness and how Jennifer is working to eliminate barriers for those who would not have access to mental healthcare otherwise. She talks about the importance of dropping the stigma within your own life and even how you can best support those who are struggling. You’ll learn the best tips and tricks to keep your own mental health steady and how making your health, a priority will only strengthen those around you as well.

This episode is such a great reminder of how important our connection with each other is and how if you just reach out and ask, there is always help for you.

For more resources or to get in touch with Jennifer, check out the links below!

Always in your corner,

Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • The importance of reducing isolation for those reintegrating into society
  • Working against the stigma of mental illness
  • How you can start dropping the stigma mental health
  • Healing from the isolation of a pandemic
  • Working with military and veterans
  • The 5 areas that can help stop stigmatizing
  • Working with family who have been in the military
  • Tips on how you can take care of your mental health
  • Why you should put your own health first
  • Upgrading the crucial skill of self-awareness
  • And much more!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 3:23 How Jennifer got started in mental health care
  • 5:26 Eliminating barriers that keep those from mental healthcare
  • 10:00 How you can best support those who are struggling
  • 12:46 Dealing with the mental effects after the pandemic
  • 17:45 Jennifer’s time in the military
  • 21:17 The five key areas Jennifer starts with to create connection
  • 25:50 How Jennifer keeps her own mental health strong
  • 33:03 Tips on how to care of your mental health
  • 37:30 How you can transition after working remotely
  • 40:53 Taking care of yourself so you can give more
  • 42:17 How to connect with Jennifer
  • 45:21 Jennifer’s parting advice for listeners

Guest Links:

Website: http://www.threewiresys.com/myadvisor

Email: infor@threewiresys.com

Phone: 814-241-9328

Links to Chuck and Clint:

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