EPISODE 31. From Substance Abuse To Social Work with Daniel Hearn

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DISCLAIMER: During this story, Daniel shares facts and descriptions of personal events involving illegal drug use. Warriors Unmasked or any affiliated partners do not condone any sort of illegal drug use, creation or selling. If this episode is triggering in any way please check out past episodes and come back when you are ready!

Today’s story is one of humbling honesty and inspiring perseverance.

We have the honor of talking with recovering addict, occupational health and safety professional, and creator of Hard Knox Talks, Daniel Hearn. In today’s episode you’ll hear Daniel’s story of his substance abuse starting at the young age of thirteen, how it morphed into hard drug abuse, and the moment Daniel rededicated his life to help others through their own struggle. Listen in as we discuss the escape drugs provided for Daniel and how that slippery slope caused him to move from a functioning addict to losing everything that was dear to him. Listen in as Daniel talks about the moment he stopped abusing substances for good, how he was able to regain custody of his son, and his new mission of carrying a message of experience, strength, and hope to those who need support to start their own recovery journey.

This episode is filled with empowering hope, and if you feel that you need even just a little bit of that, we encourage you to hit play and experience this amazing journey of recovery. And remember you are not alone, and you can do this.

To learn more about Daniel and Hard Knox Talks, check out the links below!

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More of what we talk about...

  • Using alcohol and drugs to fit in
  • Being a functional addict
  • The cliff of crystal meth
  • The moment things started falling apart for Daniel
  • Trusting your gut feeling
  • Being held hostage in your own home
  • The last time Daniel used a mind altering substance
  • How Daniel’s mother helped with his recovery
  • Life as a sober single dad
  • The opportunity of getting an education
  • And Much More!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 1:57 How Daniel started his substance abuse
  • 6:21 Gaining approval from outside sources
  • 9:34 Moving to hard drugs
  • 12:26 Recovery and relapse
  • 17:51 Daniel’s divine intervention
  • 23:32 After social workers picked up his child
  • 29:01 How Daniel uses his story to help others
  • 33:27 Regaining custody of his son
  • 38:09 Going back to school
  • 41:11 Where to connect with Daniel
  • 43:32 Daniel’s closing advice

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