EPISODE 23: Daily Perseverance -Taking Your Journey One Step At A Time with Nick Bingaman

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Have you ever noticed how stress, anxiety, and depression have a way of hiding in plain sight?

As the saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side.” right?

We’ve all seen a successful person on tv or caught up with a friend about life and thought – “wow, they really have it all together.” or, “It must just be easier for them.” However, even when it’s our dearest friends, we may not be seeing the full picture.

Today our guest is a Presidential Scholar, three-time consecutive winner of the Beverly Chew-Academic Excellence and Outstanding Citizenship Award, and NCAA Division III Ice Hockey coach Nick Bingaman.

In this episode Nick talks about growing up north of New York City where he found a love and passion for ice hockey, with major support from his parents Nick’s passion was fueled into a fire. He talks about growing up as an athlete and how consistency and staying on routine kept his mind focused when stressful situations came up. Listen in as Nick shares the moment that turned his life around when his Father who was his biggest supporter and friend was incarcerated. He speaks about how despite his success, he hid his depression and anxiety which caused it to take root within his life. You’ll hear how Nick struggled with his mental illness before finding the support that he needed to tackle issues, why he takes it one day at a time, and why having the right support and resources will make all the difference.

Nick also talks about TAD a dedicated resource for those struggling with mental illness and suicide and how working with the project has not only saved so many but been therapeutic for him as well. Nick’s story is one of courage, battling mental illness and a daily perseverance to create a life full of happiness, success, and peace. We believe that all of this is available to you if you are willing to reach out and seize it.

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More of what we talk about...

  • Living with no regrets 
  • Why consistency can help with stability 
  • Dealing with rejection and change
  • Coping with stressful life situations
  • The moment Nick’s life changed
  • The benefit of persevering despite all odds
  • Finding the right support for you
  • Equipping yourself with resources to help with crisis
  • Taking it one step at a time and doing what makes you happy
  • And much more!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 0:01 What to expect today
  • 1:29 American company ad
  • 2:37 Get to know Nick and living with no regrets
  • 6:04 What life was like growing up for Nick
  • 12:54 The grass isn’t always greener
  • 18:08 A look into Nick’s Hockey journey
  • 28:17 When Nick found out his Father was arrested
  • 32:11 The last moment Nick’s Father protected him
  • 40:01 The importance of community
  • 44:49 The backstory of the TAD project
  • 51:11 Closing thoughts and advice

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