EPISODE 105: From Addict to Advocate – Eric McCoy’s Inspiring Journey

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Today, we have a really special guest with us, Mr. Eric McCoy. Eric has a unique story to share with us, one that’s bound to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Eric spent most of his life around substance abuse, trying every drug he could get his hands on, with methamphetamine being his preferred choice. In 2001, he found himself facing 15 years in prison after his tenth arrest, four of which were within a six-month period. But, Eric was given a miracle sentence and that’s when he decided to turn his life around. He became a substance abuse counselor in 2003 and has been working in the field ever since, as a counselor, program director, clinical director, and executive director.

Today, Eric teaches at a school and has written a book titled “Pain, Failure, and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success”. He also hosts two podcasts, “High While Clean” and “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”, where he shares his experiences and works to understand things that he doesn’t really understand. And that’s not all, Eric also hosts an online radio show called “Hot Topics” on Johnny Rock and Roll Radio.

In this episode of Warriors Unmasked, Eric is going to take us on a journey through his life, starting from his childhood, where he never allowed himself to get close to people due to moving a lot, to his addiction to methamphetamine, to his miracle sentence that changed his life forever. Eric’s story is sure to bring out a range of emotions in you, from heartbreak and sadness to empathy, education, and understanding.

So, sit back, relax, and join us as we listen to Eric’s story and learn more about his journey to becoming the person he is today. Don’t forget to tune into episode 105 of Warriors Unmasked!

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Chuck and Clint


  • 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors
  • 3:00 Growing up as Eric McCoy
  • 8:00 Not the moving, but the connection with other people that led Eric down this path
  • 12:23 Was the path he was on concerning for him or his parents?
  • 15:56 How methamphetamines entered the picture and the damage done
  • 24:11 The man’s lows and criminal happenings while believing ‘place’ was the problem
  • 48:07 The miracle sentence that led to spiritual interests
  • 1:02:03 What does life look like now for Eric and how can we connect with him
  • 1:11:58 Eric’s message to anyone going through these same sorts of things right now


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