EPISODE 7: From War to Peace – Preserving Through Every Obstacle with Jared Lemon

Welcome to Warriors Unmasked.

Have you looked in the mirror yet today and told the face looking back at you how awesome you are? If not, let us be the first to say it today, YOU ARE AWESOME!

If you have listened to any of our past episodes you know that we love talking to warriors who display courage and perseverance in their day to day life along with highlighting the stories that make you say “Wow! If they can do this, maybe I can too”, and today is no different! We got a chance to sit down and chat with our friend and Army Veteran Jared Lemon.

Jared is a warrior in the truest sense of the word. Not only did he selflessly serve our country for two tours, but he is also is courageously overcoming mental health challenges after two near-death experiences. Trust us, this guy is the real deal and embodies toughness. Listen in as we have an open and honest conversation about what war is like, what happens when you have an out of body experience, why you should always listen to your intuition, what integrating back into society is like and so much more.

If you feel like the dark clouds have been rolling in lately, we know this is the perfect episode to brighten up your day and give you the boost of perseverance you need.

Trigger warning: Out of respect to our veterans and active military listeners, if this content hits a little too close to home, we invite you to listen to one of our past episodes and join us when you are ready.

Always in your corner, Chuck and Clint

More Of What We Cover
● What they don’t tell you about war
● Integrating back into ‘normal life’ after war
● How Jared lost his saw gunner
● How spiritually played a role in Jared’s story
● What every human needs deep down
● What helps Jared fight off suicidal thoughts
● Why it’s important to help each other
● And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:
0:18 Welcome to the episode!
0:51 What to expect today
1:17 The quote of the day
2:10 You have consistency choose the hard path
3:26 The difference between you and your heroes
4:30 What Dr. Ram learned from
6:44 The concept of the day
8:03 Creating others leader
12:02 The best learning opportunities
15:17 The relatability factor
18:08 The four-step process to handling mistakes
19:53 Chris’ concept of the day
31:51 Episode recap

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