EPISODE 21: The Power Of Gratitude – Regaining Confidence In Your Mind & Body with Scott Kelsey

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If you’ve been needing a sign to tackle that daunting next step in your journey, well here it is! Today we have a continuation of an amazing episode about self-discovery and choosing the path that grows you. Scott Kelsey has some insight into just what will help you grow more confident and ready for whatever comes your way and if you haven’t listened to the first part check out episode 16!

Scott Kelsey grew up in Clark Mills, NY where he found a love for hockey from there he graduated college playing professionally for almost 10 years before stepping into the mortgage business. In 2018 Scott suffered a traumatic injury after falling down the stairs in his home, since then Scott has been an advocate for mental health, with a focus on self-discovery and continual learning while leveraging experiences both good and bad to help others live more meaningful and happy lives.

We have an open discussion about Scott’s journey after his accident and how gratitude has played a huge role in his continued success with recovering. He talks about the importance of being grateful for the now, and how focusing on his family, work, and self-care has made it possible for him to not only heal but grow.

Listen in as Scott talks about the moment he realized physical fitness was more than just being able to play a good game, how he worked through the changing relationship with his body, and how physical activity has actually helped with his mental health. We discuss how slowing down and really thinking about what your mind and body need is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and how trusting yourself when it comes to your body is a skill that everyone should learn.

Scott has some great advice on how you can tackle something that may be daunting to you, and how you can feel confident and peaceful in yourself no matter the situation. We hope this episode empowers and encourages you to take that next step and set your healing journey’s course.

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More of what we talk about...

  • Having to relearn life after brain injury
  • Finding a level of gratitude that changes your life 
  • Living in the moment and focusing all you do have
  • The importance of physical activity while recovering
  • What mental fitness may look like for you
  • Taking the time you need even if other things need to wait 
  • Listening to what your body needs The effect brain injuries may have on your mental health
  • Navigating the right diet and alcohol to upgrade your life
  • Reaching out to people who have gone through the same struggle
  • And much more!

Episode Minute To Minute:

  • 4:48 Where do you go from here?
  • 12:39 How Scott manages his negative thought
  • 16:28 Archiving high levels of gratefulness
  • 20:56 Slowing life down
  • 23:10 How Scott remains a healthy lifestyle day to day
  • 28:52 How Scott feels his cup
  • 34:58 How Scott’s diet affects his mental state
  • 42:35 The personal effects of alcohol for Chuck
  • 48:46 Great things can come from putting yourself out there
  • 50:04 Closing thoughts

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