EPISODE 41: Part Two – “A Fighting Spirit” How Mac Scotty McGregor Found Freedom

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! If you listened to our last episode with Mac Scotty McGregor you know he left us with a fascinating process that brought him healing and breakthrough.

Today we take a dive into Mac’s letters to his younger self and how he continues to live life like a champion. If you haven’t heard our first interview with Mac, check out episode 39 before starting this one!

Mac takes us on his journey of writing letters to his younger self, as well how he managed to find compassion for the people who neglected him. He talks about the importance of

forgiveness not just for others but for yourself as well. Learning to compartmentalize at a young age, martial arts was essential to Mac facing his fears and dealing with his emotional past.

Join us as we discuss the intense process Mac had to go through to become a master of combat chi and how this next-level art has only given him more insight into how you can heal from the inside out. You’ll learn about toxic masculinity and why Mac is so passionate about breaking the cycle and setting men free.

This episode is a wild ride from start to finish and we hope you feel encouraged, empowered, and inspired to start your own journey of healing if you haven’t already.

To find more resources or to connect with Mac, check out the links below!

Always in your corner,

Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • Growing up in a family that farms pot
  • The slingshot principle
  • What you can do to use your hardship for good
  • How you can practically find the silver lining
  • Refocusing on what’s valuable
  • How your subconscious filters your thoughts
  • The importance of challenging your beliefs
  • Life after the military
  • Taking back control of his mental health
  • The moment that changed his life for good
  • Creating a program to help with trauma
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today
  • 1:42 Introducing Sgt. Aaron Quinonez
  • 7:55 Why your hardship is holding you back
  • 13:06 Choosing to join the military
  • 18:11 How hardship prepared Sgt. Q for the Marines
  • 23:11 A look into the brain and subconscious
  • 27:56 The moment Aaron started to turnaround
  • 32:58 Attending church and applying science
  • 37:43 Creating a program for vets and civilians
  • 42:43 A look into Aaron’s upcoming app
  • 47:34 Aaron’s advice for you
  • 52:21 Closing thoughts

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