EPISODE 14: Everyday Resilience – Taking Whatever Comes Your Way with Mike Molinski

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Our conversation today is one you won’t want to miss! In this episode, you will hear an incredible conversation with Mike Molinski, award-winning business owner, photographer, ultra-endurance athlete, decorated U.S. Marine,  wonderful husband, and father. He has a great outlook on life, values resilience born of hardship, and believes that true happiness is the result of overcoming the many obstacles life throws at us each day.

One look at his bio and you know that Mike has pushed through adversity and persevered through challenges that many have not experienced. You’ll hear about the moment that changed Mike’s life and the unexpected anxiety, stress, and isolation that crept in until it overwhelmed his everyday thought process. From physical injuries to the pressure of taking care of his family during a crisis, Mike speaks on how he kept it all pushed down until he realized he couldn’t do it alone. In addition, he gives some great insight into how he stepped out of the hole he was living in, coming back even stronger and more resilient than ever.

If you are struggling with damaging thoughts, shame, or fear I want you to know that you do not have to go at this alone. Pick up a phone, call, text, reach out for someone in your life who will support you through your  hard time. Everyone has the power and courage to push through and create victory through adversity.

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More of what we talk about..

  • Mike’s time in the Marines
  • Graduating top of his class with a dislocated elbow
  • The fire that changed their lives
  • How anxiety and stress crept in unexpectedly
  • Moving past mental pain and finding peace
  • Finding a identity in physical activities
  • How Mike keeps moving forward now
  • Why it’s important to ask for help
  • Persevering even when a crisis hits
  • Laying down your ego to find help
  • Creating a mantra for your life
  • And much more!


Episode Minute to Minute:

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