EPISODE 88: You Are Not Weak! A Journey of Mental Health and Toughness with Christy Warren

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You need to hear this today – Just because you struggle doesn’t mean you’re weak! If we could shout this message from every rooftop we would. If you have listened to Warriors Unmasked for any amount of time, you know that Clint and Chuck have a passion for helping people regain their mental health and share powerful stories of mental illness, courage hope, and perseverance from incredible people around the world.

Every episode has something special but this episode has to be one of our favorite conversations to date. After over 80+ incredible episodes that may sound like a big statement, but we know you’ll feel the same way!

Hit play to hear our conversation with the one and only Christy Warren. Christy Warren is a retired fire captain, retired professional paramedic triathlete, podcast host, and mental health advocate. During our conversation, Christy lets us in on her journey from hitting rock bottom, to being diagnosed with PTSD and feeling like a total failure, to transforming her life and becoming a greater Warrior.

Today is a special episode that is hard to fully capture in mere words. One of the things that makes Christy’s journey so impactful for us is that Christy’s life was changed and she found the will to live after finding Clint’s book and realizing she wasn’t alone.

Because Clint shared his story, Christy found the courage to share her story. This is what our show is all about! We truly believe that the more we share our stories and our struggles in an authentic way, the faster the world can start to heal.

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • Why most people drink alcohol to help alleviate pain
  • Chrisy’s experience as a first responder
  • What it’s like to have PTSD
  • We are incredibly strong as humans
  • Christy’s daily self-care routine
  • How Clint’s book is impacting the world
  • The ripple effect of telling your story
  • Why we think this is one of our best episodes
  • You are not alone!
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What’s in today’s episode
  • 1:36 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 2:40 Get to know Christy Warren
  • 4:02 How Clint changed Christy’s life
  • 10:10 Christy’s time as a first responder
  • 18:50 When Christy hit rock bottom
  • 24:49 Christy’s EMDR therapy
  • 28:00 Mental health in the first responder world
  • 32:12 PTSD is a physical injury
  • 41:40 A look into Christy’s new book
  • 45:45 All things work together for good

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