EPISODE 86: A Guide To Self-Care and Self-Love with Happiness expert Rita Farruggia

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome to episode 86 of Warriors Unmasked! In 2022, it’s clear to most people that self-care and finding ways to de-stress should be more of a priority for all of us.

But where do you even start? This is a question many of our listeners and people we coach ask us on a regular basis. That’s why we wanted to take a full episode to find an answer!

Of course, we didn’t want to have such an important conversation alone, we had to go to the expert…the happiness expert! Hit play to meet the lover of life and CEO and founder of Happy Being Well, Rita Farruggia!

She is a self-care and happiness expert and mental health advocate. During our conversation, you’ll hear about her journey from growing up an innately spiritual kid with parents who struggled with PTSD and functional alcoholism, and how that led to her involvement in toxic relationships in her adult years.

Learn the practical steps she took to completely cleanse her life from toxic relationships, bad energy, negative soul patterns, and habits plus more. This episode is bound to take you from deep interest and curiosity to enlightenment, self-love, hope, and complete empowerment.

You’ll also learn about how you can start meditating longer, tips and tricks for adding positive habits to things you’re already doing, an easy way to have less stress and anxiety plus so much more! Whether you feel like a self-development pro, or if all of this is totally uncharted territory for you, this episode is packed full of simple advice that can help transform your life!

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • We can’t always just be all about our spiritual journey.
  • Tolerating toxic relationships and normalizing it
  • How to better navigate the world and culture
  • How to start enjoying spending time alone
  • The benefits of self-care and self-love
  • Rita’s #1 tips on how to have better mental health
  • The effects of living with anxiety and confusion
  • The mental health crisis on our hands
  • Chuck’s journey with meditation
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 A look into today’s episode
  • 1:37 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 3:04 Get to know Rita Farruggia
  • 8:04 What life was life for Rita growing up
  • 16:00 How to cleanse from toxic people
  • 20:04 The importance of being in silence
  • 27:20 How to get better at meditation
  • 30:16 The positive results of self-care
  • 36:45 How Rita added positive habits to her day
  • 37:37 How to grow in higher levels of consciousness

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