EPISODE 46: Finding The Courage To Pick Your Own Path with Nello Ferrara

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From the outside looking in, today’s guest had it all…

He was the heir to a world-renowned candy company, working with his grandpa, uncle, and father, he had a future set up with everything he could want. All he had to do was follow the path laid for him.

But Nello had a different dream, and nothing could keep him from achieving his goals. Can you relate?

Today on Warriors Unmasked Nello Ferrara takes us on his journey of defying the odds and traveling his own path. Listen in as Nello talks about growing up as the heir to his family’s candy company and the guilt he felt as a teenager who wanted to pursue a career in hockey instead.

Growing up in a tight-knit Italian family had its own challenges, but when divorce split their family apart Nello began to spiral. Leaning on coping mechanisms he wasn’t even aware of until a couple of trusted friends pointed it out. You’ll hear how he turned his mindset around and the moment his life changed forever when he got the chance to play hockey six years after he had quit.

Join us as Nello talks about the escape that hockey gave him and the lessons he learned from the Game that would make him a better man, role model, and ultimately help him reconnect with his father, healing major wounds in the process. Nello’s story is the epitome of what WarriorsUnmasked is all about, his courage, perseverance, and focus on mental health has been crucial not only for his healing but for the many young men who come into his gym, needing support through the struggles of life.

We are inspired and empowered by the resilience that Nello has cultivated in his own life. When you hit play you too will see how his determination has created a better life for him and all those that have the blessing of meeting him. For more resources check out the links below!

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • The real cost of success
  • Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of struggle
  • Growing up in a family company
  • The power and danger of anger
  • How your parent’s shape your beliefs
  • Finding an escape in Hockey
  • Being a role model for kids
  • The moment he left the family candy company
  • Lessons from the Game of Hockey
  • How Nello reconnected with his dad
  • Learning to roll with the punches
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today!
  • 1:30 Introducing Nello Ferrara
  • 4:24 Changing the perspective on struggle
  • 10:08 Hockey and the family business
  • 15:31 Divorce’s damage and how Nello coped
  • 20:56 The men who helped Nello get back on track
  • 26:01 Learning unhealthy habits from his parents
  • 33:05 How Nello got back into Hockey
  • 38:21 Trying out for the ECHL
  • 42:44 The moment that changed Nello’s life
  • 47:52 What the game of Hockey taught Nello
  • 51:51 How Hockey helped during his dad’s sickness
  • 58:18 Nello’s advice for you
  • 1:00:49 Closing thoughts

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