EPISODE 43: The Sign Of A True Warrior – Why Vulnerability Matters with Mike Cameron

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It took one phone call to change Mike Cameron’s life forever. After losing his girlfriend to gender-based violence Mike went on a journey of grieving and healing. What he learned has become a crucial ability in his life, using this expertise he lends his voice to help eradicate violence against women.

We are blown away by Mike’s story and the amount of courage and perseverance he has shown in the face of tragedy. Mike is a leadership coach and uses his S.O.A.R framework to help leaders reconnect with their passions and purpose in life. He is the co-founder of the Ignore No More Run for Respect, an event designed to raise awareness around gender-based violence and specifically engage men and boys in the conversation.

Listen in as Mike recounts the day his life changed forever and the time around the moment he learned Carissa had died at the hands of her ex. This achingly honest account is the start to Mike’s dedication, you’ll hear how he found the strength to move forward and the people and resources he is still thankful for to this day.

Join us as Mike talks about his coaching and the work he’s doing to dismantle the harmful beliefs that cause men to suppress their emotions and erupt on the people in their lives. You’ll hear him talk about the importance of starting at the foundation and equipping men and boys alike to learn how to healthily handle their feelings. As well as the unexpected friend he found in vulnerability.

This episode is one of tragic heartbreak and comfort. Our hope is that you feel inspired and empowered to make your own mark and create a better future for our world. For more resources or to connect with Mike, check out the links below!

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More of what we talk about...

  • The day that changed Mike’s life
  • Being aware of traumatic anniversaries
  • Finding beauty and joy in feeling
  • The letter that gave Mike a new perspective
  • Why Mike keeps his heart open despite the grieving
  • The realization of having to find forgiveness
  • Honoring Carissa by fighting against gender-based violence
  • Changing the world by walking through trauma
  • Getting to the bottom of the gender violence problem
  • Helping men connect to their feelings
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today
  • 1:44 Introducing Mike Cameron
  • 7:23 The moments around the bad news
  • 12:16 What it was like questioned for murder
  • 18:00 Finding the courage and strength to move forward
  • 23:15 Using anniversaries as moments of gratitude
  • 28:19 Being willing to explore your feelings
  • 33:29 Creating hope out of tragedy
  • 37:50 Exercising your emotional fitness
  • 43:24 The definition of a true warrior
  • 47:21 Mike’s advice for you
  • 49:47 Closing thoughts

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