EPISODE 30: Life After An Alcoholic Spouse – A Journey Of Healing and Joy with Tanya Pluckrose

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What happens when your dream life falls apart? This is the crucial question we tackle in today’s episode, and you may find that the biggest thing holding you back may not be your situation, it’s your perspective.

In this week’s episode, we talk with Australian-born thought leader, and client experience consultant, Tanya Pluckrose. Tanya speaks about her journey of coming to the U.S., marrying the man of her dreams, and how she went from happily married to starting over at rock bottom. You’ll hear how Tanya reevaluated her life and made the commitment to change it for the better no matter what.

Listen in as we talk about how Tanya found the courage to walk away, the biggest threat to your future, and how sometimes the best thing to do is to let it go. You’ll learn about the power of thoughts and how they shape how we view the world around us. Tanya talks about her “aha!” moment where she realized that her current situation was a product of her past and present thoughts and how she was able to turn that around and create a life that was truly designed for her. There’s greatness within all of us, and if we take the time to stop and listen, it will show us which way to go.

Hit play and enjoy this fantastic episode filled with hope, courage, and maybe even a new perspective on life.

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More of what we talk about...

  • How Tanya came to the U.S.
  • Listening to your hunches
  • Confronting alcoholism in a loved one
  • Finding the courage to walk away
  • The number one cause for relapse
  • Changing your mindset and your future
  • Finding miracles in surrender
  • An interesting life VS an extraordinary life
  • You chance at living your dream life
  • Being engineered to be successful
  • And much more!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 2:13 Tanya’s story
  • 6:50 Clipping her wings
  • 12:37 The Godshot
  • 16:27 The disease of alcoholism
  • 20:25 Starting a new journey
  • 24:37 Dealing with resentment
  • 28:40 What Tanya does today
  • 32:44 Being built for success
  • 37:19 How to get in touch with Tanya
  • 40:52 Tanya’s parting advice

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