EPISODE 28: Nothing Is Permanent (That includes the bad) with Anthony Kelsey

Welcome Back to Warriors Unmasked! - The Podcast

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Have you ever had a dream that almost seemed impossible? Or maybe you feel as you missed your one shot? Maybe these are true…or maybe the story isn’t over yet.

When you hit play, you’ll join us as we have an open conversation with Anthony (Tony) Kelsey. Anthony is a retired army veteran, defense foreign language institute graduate, Target operations manager, husband, and father of two. We dive into Anthony’s journey from collegiate hockey to the rigorous training of army Major and how he managed to persevere through the challenges and disappointments of life. You’ll gain new tools to help you overcome the challenges of your life and push you towards your goals no matter what.

Listen in as Anthony talks about his time in college, the mistakes that cost him his dream, and how a new passion formed when he joined the army. You’ll learn how Anthony dealt with the pressure of leading, how he survived the most difficult time in his life, and what it took for him to rise through the ranks and make his dream a reality. Anthony has some crucial advice on how to persevere and take the good with the bad so that you can stay strong and cross that finish line.

Scouts honor! This show will leave you with new levels of empowerment and determination. Sit back and join us in this fantastic conversation with Anthony Kelsey.

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • How Anthony decided to join the army
  • Dealing with disappointment 
  • The importance of your support system
  • Pushing through the demand of ranger school
  • Persevering despite all odds
  • Having a vision that keeps you motivated
  • Taking the good with the bad
  • The mental rigors of language school
  • Becoming an army major
  • Relying on your support system
  • And much more!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 0:03 Here’s what we cover
  • 3:25 From hockey to the military
  • 8:35 Heading back to college
  • 12:29 Missing the shot to become a major
  • 17:04 Getting through the toughest times in life
  • 21:52 The phases of ranger school
  • 26:33 Finding the motivation to keep going
  • 30:07 Life after the military
  • 34:54 The homestretch of becoming a major
  • 39:14 Tony’s advice for perseverance
  • 40:55 How you can get a hold of us

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