EPISODE 25: Healing Through Your Passion with Brad Dempsey

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Sometimes the best action is to take a step back and realign. Can you relate?

Today’s guest is a former principal, former athletic director, founder of Mindset Sports, and proud father of three Brad Dempsey. Brad has a passion for coaching athletes of all ages and establishing a healthy balance in their Mind, Body & Spirit by empowering them to become the best version of themselves through their sport. You’ll hear about Brad’s personal journey with mental illness after surviving a horrific car crash leaving him a significant brain injury in 1995.

Listen in as Brad openly shares about his struggle with depression and anxiety as a teenager and how he came to the realization that good health was more internal than he thought. We have an honest discussion about the trouble of mental pain as a teenager and only being treated for physical injuries. You’ll hear the moment Brad connected the importance of mental and physical health, escaping overmedication, and why he never thinks of his failures as holding him back. Brad talks about what he does now to combat mental illness and how faith in God has given him the confidence to keep moving forward. We hope this episode gives you hope and understanding for the different kinds of trauma and the healing that can happen when you are brave enough to reach out and take a hand.

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More of what we talk about...

  • How a brain injury changed Brad’s life
  • Dealing with depression as a teenager
  • The cost of pushing down your feelings
  • The moment Brad realized he needed to change for the better
  • How Brad handles his mental health now
  • The dangers of overmedication
  • The importance of living life with gratefulness
  • How you can “fail forward”
  • Why following your passion can change your life
  • Finding the balance of mental health and sports
  • And much more!

Episode Minute to Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:40 Welcome Brad
  • 4:03 When everything was great but it didn’t feel like it
  • 7:35 How Brad handled his inner wounds as a teenager
  • 10:25 Brad’s pill addiction and recovery
  • 16:04 The spiritual side of Brad’s journey
  • 19:54 When Brad said “enough is enough”
  • 22:16 How Brad brad keeps a heart of gratitude
  • 27:28 Finding out what you really want in life
  • 38:02 How to connect with Brand and Mindset Sports
  • 40:49 Finding someone you trust

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