EPISODE 118: Warriors Unmasked Conversation With Jonathan Hunt Glassman

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Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Jonathan Hunt Glassman, CEO of Oar Health, presents a narrative that rings true for so many of us—using alcohol as a crutch for social anxiety, only to watch the problem spin out of control. Growing up in a household where alcohol was neither a vice nor a virtue, Jonathan felt blindsided when he found himself addicted to the courage that alcohol provided him during high school and college years. While it eased social pressures, it created new problems in its wake. 
Jonathan wasn’t alone in this experience. Many people use alcohol to ease social inhibitions, to feel part of a group, or to drown out insecurities. But as Jonathan found out, these short-term gains have long-term consequences. He described awkward moments when people would bring up ‘deep and honest’ conversations they had with him, of which he had no recollection, owing to his intoxicated state at the time.

Years later, Jonathan has molded his struggles into a form of guidance for others, leading Oar Health to help people reconsider their relationship with alcohol. Remarkably, the goal isn’t always abstinence but often moderation. “The majority of the folks that we work with are trying to drink less without necessarily quitting,” he shared. This inclusive approach brings solace to
many who aren’t ready for total sobriety but know they need to make a change.

Jonathan’s journey—from a teen unsure of his place in the world, to an adult grappling with addiction, and finally as an entrepreneur focusing on substance abuse—reflects the complex relationship many have with alcohol. His story exemplifies that it’s not always about quitting cold turkey but about understanding one’s limits and altering behaviors for a more fulfilling life.

If you’ve ever found yourself or someone you know grappling with substance abuse or any form of addiction, Jonathan’s insights on the Warriors Unmasked podcast can be a beacon of hope and practical advice. Ready to hear how this healthcare entrepreneur turned his struggles into a mission to help others? Hit play now for more of Jonathan Hunt Glassman’s enlightening journey.

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  • 00:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors
  • 02:53 Welcome special guest, Jonathan Hunt Glassman
  • 04:00 Who is Jonathan and the work that he does helping alcoholics
  • 05:00 Jonathan’s backstory and how he got to where he is today
  • 06:00 Jonathan was surprised by his addiction to alcohol, because of how he was raised
  • 08:00 Oftentimes alcohol is used as a crutch to have social confidence
  • 10:33 How alcohol can negatively affect our mental space and anxiety
  • 11:28 The goal is not to eliminate drinking completely, but to change the relationship with it
  • 16:54 Jonathan dives into the negative consequences that drinking had on his life in his 20’s
  • 19:54 Jonathan shares his story of getting out of the cycle of depending on alcohol
  • 21:51 The turning point for Jonathan was when he received help from a primary care doctor
  • 25:18 Treatment and recovery will look different for every person
  • 30:28 How people use alcohol to self-medicate, how it relates to mental illness
  • 36:00 One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is accepting that you cannot do this alone
  • 41:26 Jonathan shares his story on how he now gives back as CEO of Oar Health
  • 44:36 Visit Oar Health’s website in the show notes if you or a loved one need help today
  • 49:25 Jonathan’s word of advice to those struggling with addiction


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