EPISODE 120: From the NHL to the Auction Stage – The Reed Low Journey

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Welcome to another captivating episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today’s guest, Reed Low, is a marvel of many hats: former professional hockey player, passionate auctioneer, devoted father, and a man of unwavering faith. Known by many as “Lowzy”, Reed’s journey is far from the stereotypical narrative of a professional athlete’s life.

Emerging from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Low paints a vivid picture of his childhood, filled with dreams of making it to the NHL and endless hours of street and ice hockey. Reed eventually fulfilled that dream and played for the St Louis Blues from 2000-2005. He is the only player in NHL history to amass 50 penalty minutes in a single game, twice!

But it’s not all fun and games. Low’s transition from the ice rink to the auction stage is both intriguing and emblematic of the unexpected paths life can take. Without formal auctioneering training, Low steps into a legacy, picking up from where his father and grandfather left off. Now, he effortlessly merges his charismatic presence with the fast-paced world of auctioneering, making charity events memorable for attendees.

However, beyond the hockey tales and rhythmic chants of the auction, Reed delves deep into personal challenges. From navigating the aftermath of his divorce to battling inner demons of anger and depression, his vulnerability is palpable. But what stands out is Low’s relentless pursuit of personal growth, spiritual awakening, and his commitment to being a better father and human.

Reed’s candidness about the financial struggles post-NHL career and the misconceptions surrounding the luxurious lives of professional athletes brings a grounded perspective. His camaraderie with fellow former hockey players is heartening, and the shared experiences
underline the fact that challenges and personal battles are universal, irrespective of career achievements.
Join us as we journey through Reed Low’s transformative story, one filled with laughter, struggles, and above all, resilience. Curious about how a professional hockey player transitions to an auction stage or navigates life after a professional career? 

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  • 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors
  • 02:59 Welcome former professional hockey player and entrepreneur, Reed Low
  • 04:50 Reed talks about his life growing up in Moosejaw
  • 06:15 Reed shares about his new found love for auctioneering
  • 11:18 Reed opens up about his NHL salary and living over the pay
  • 15:43 Reed talks about hockey fighting, and how it became a big part of his game
  • 19:18 Hear about Reed’s career with the St. Louis Blues
  • 22:36 The long lasting effects of fighting in hockey
  • 26:11 Reed’s transition from the game of hockey
  • 29:33 Reed talks about his family and the struggles after hockey
  • 32:44 Reed opens up about PTSD and processing through trauma in life
  • 35:28 Turning to faith and learning to let go of the past
  • 43:05 Reed talks about the healing process after changing life
  • 44:53 Reed talks about how men should be okay with opening up to emotion
  • 47:53 Hear some stats and stories from Reed’s NHL career
  • 49:27 Reed shares his love for the sport of hockey and the city of St. Louis
  • 54:48 Reed’s final advice for people who are struggling and have a lack of faith

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