EPISODE 116: Reclaiming Power – Craig Ball’s Transformational Story

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Welcome back to another powerful episode of Warriors Unmasked. If you’re seeking an inspiring figure in mental health and empowerment, meet Craig Ball, an Australian mentor with a rich history of transforming lives. With over two decades of experience, Craig’s unique approach combines traditional and holistic techniques to help individuals realize their utmost potential. His belief? Every
individual has the inherent ability to bolster their mental health and create their life’s narrative.

Craig isn’t just an advocate; he’s a testament to his methods. His experiences from being deployed to Afghanistan twice with the regular army put his theories to the test, and his triumphs over personal mental health challenges speak volumes. Alongside mentoring, he’s a seasoned speaker, and his book, “Reclaim Your Power,” offers a pragmatic look into his system.
The “Warriors Unmasked” podcast recently hosted Craig, delving into his background, journey in the mental health sector, and his experiences as an Army reservist. He shared about his introduction to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which now forms a cornerstone of his work. The discussion underscored the importance of therapy as a testament to strength and also an insightful dialogue about the stigma around mental health in sports.

When Craig faced a direfinancial crisis, he chose to pen a book, both a personal testament and a guide to resilience. Written as a conversation, Craig’s narrative demystifies mental health
complexities. He stresses the importance of remaining open to change and understanding cognitive distortions like overgeneralization, where one’s self-worth is wrongly tied to success or failure. Craig’s central message: true resilience isn’t just recovery, but thriving through adversity. He encourages recognizing emotions, leading to healing and empowerment.
For a heartening chatfilled with wisdom and perspective, don’t miss Craig Ball on the “Warriors Unmasked” podcast episode. Grab your preferred beverage, and settle in for a conversation that promises to inspire. So, what are you waiting for? Hit play now to learn more!

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Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares his journey with the loss of friends and co-workers to suicide. If you or someone you love has recently experienced the tragic loss to suicide, please feel
free to skip this episode during your healing process.  


  • 0:02 What to expect inside of episode 116!
  • 02:47 Welcome special guest, Craig Ball, military veteran, author, and speaker
  • 05:29 Craig shares how he became intrigued with working in the mental health space
  • 07:20 An inspirational psychologist was Albert Ellis and has adopted his teaching style
  • 08:57 Craig talks about rational emotive behavior therapy
  • 10:46 Craig talks about the stigma in Australia of not opening up about anxiety
  • 12:24 Craig opens up about his time in the military and the emotional trauma that comes with it
  • 15:48 The power of speaking to someone and having a safe place to talk
  • 20:31 Craig talks about consulting veterans and allowing space do deal with emotion
  • 25:36 How depression and anxiety are not fixed, but have to be managed daily
  • 30:07 Craig shares about his book and a sneak peak of what’s inside
  • 38:57 Craig talks about the power of learning to empower ourselves 
  • 43:46 Craig shares the difference between the internal and external focus of control
  • 47:24 How to follow Craig, find his book and keep up with all that he is doing
  • 51:17 Craig’s advice to someone who needs to get their power back in their life


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