EPISODE 111: Men and Mental Health: Mike Skrypnek’s Journey from Personal Struggle to Advocacy

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Welcome back to another inspiring episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today, we sit down with Mike Skrypnek, an international bestselling author, men’s mental health advocate, CEO of Grow Get Give Coaching, and founder of the Unlimited Worth Project. Mike shares with us his transformative journey, from dealing with personal mental health struggles to becoming a beacon of hope and support for others.

Before turning to mental health advocacy, Mike spent decades as an entrepreneur in the financial industry, and coaching. However, he realized that something was missing – a deeper, personal connection with his clients. This realization led him to embark on his own mental health journey, which uncovered long-held traumas and subconscious patterns that were holding him back.

After undergoing intense therapy, Mike came out with a newfound sense of self-awareness and purpose. He discovered the power of vulnerability and the importance of sharing his weaknesses and personal struggles. This transparency, he found, allowed him to connect with others on a more profound level, and inspired him to extend his hand to help other men in similar situations.

The global pandemic served as a turning point for Mike. The shift from face-to-face coaching to a digital format put a strain on his business and mental health. Yet, it was this challenging period
that ultimately forced him to confront his struggles head-on, leading to his profound transformation.

Now, Mike is dedicated to using his experiences to help others. Through his work with the Unlimited Worth Project and Grow Get Give Coaching, he’s guiding men to recognize and harness their unlimited worth, leading them towards a life filled with happiness, success, and love. Hit play to hear Mike’s inspiring journey and learn how you can start taking steps to the next level of freedom and hope in your own story!

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  • 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors
  • 2:51 How Mike Skrypnek became passionate about mental health 
  • 10:02 Common struggles in a digital world
  • 13:50 The connection of poor mental health and hidden trauma
  • 17:53 Finding the strength to be vulnerable and recognizing patterns
  • 28:18 The process of healing and a sense of urgency
  • 37:27 The difference of doing business now post therapy
  • 47:13 The men around us are suffering
  • 50:37 Unlimited Worth Project and other resources from Mike
  • 55:40 Make it your story and not your secret


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