EPISODE 87: Training Your Brain To Withstand Almost Any Trauma with Brian Slade

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Welcome to episode 87 of Warriors Unmasked! Today Chuck sits down with Mr. Brian Slate! Brian will take a deep dive into his journey of being deployed to Afghanistan, thinking he was getting a light deployment to his plane being hit twice by enemy forces on his first mission. His powerful story is nothing short of heroic.

This episode is bound to take you from intrigue, and wonder to hope, understanding, and complete empowerment. Hit play to hear how his time in the Armed Forces equipped him with the mental framework and practical healing techniques anyone can use in their journey of overcoming trauma and PTSD.

Whether you are a veteran yourself or if you have never seen a day of combat, Brian’s story is one we can all relate to. 5 months before he was deployed to Afghanistan, Brian married his first wife. It didn’t take long for their relationship to go south as Brian started to identify unhealthy mental health issues with his new bride.

Not even the traumatic time he spent in active war could have prepared him for the pain and trauma that awaited him during their impending separation and divorce. Relationship wounds are something we all deal with from a young age, but how we respond is what matters most.

During our conversation, Brian shares the “chair flying” technique and how you can use it to prepare for tough situations and avoid adding any potential or additional pain and trauma in your life and relationships. This one tip can start making the world a better place for everyone!

You’ll also hear our thoughts on the importance of gratitude, how to become a more empowered person, how Brian used strategic compartmentalization and so much more! To learn more about Brian, or any of the guests we have on the podcast, follow the links below! If you enjoy this conversation, send this episode to a friend that you think would benefit from it.

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • Brian Slade’s second string deployment to Afghanistan
  • Brian’s exact thoughts during a near-death experience
  • The Art of a Teflon Mind and posttraumatic stress
  • How do you focus on the enemy at hand?
  • Life with a spouse with mental health issues
  • The importance of meditation and visualization
  • The importance of strengthening your mental fortitude
  • Do you ever feel like there was a bigger purpose to your life?
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 3:00 Get to know Brian Slade
  • 8:20 Brian’s time in combat in Afghanistan
  • 13:30 How Brian responded to a near-death experience
  • 16:50 Healing PTSD techniques Brian Discovered
  • 21:30 Pain and trauma can happen to all of us
  • 24:28 Prepping for trauma and strategic compartmentalization
  • 29:31 How to use the chair flying technique
  • 40:00 Stress inoculation and how to use it
  • 45:04 How to stay in an empowered state
  • 53:14 The importance of gratitude

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