EPISODE 79: The Healing Power of Helping Others with Larry Sprung

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Chuck and Clint are here together back in the saddle with another life-changing conversation! 

Today our guest is Larry Sprung. If you know Larry, you may say there are a lot of different sides to him. You may remember him from his days on the ice playing Hockey, you may know him as the “money guy” from his podcast, or you may know him as Coach. 

Either way, one thing that is obvious about Larry when you get to know him is his love for people and his heart to serve. Despite suffering the tremendous loss of his Mother dying from cancer at a young age, to losing his brother-in-law to suicide, he is determined to give back and change the world. 

Hit play to hear how Larry learned to break through the pain of loss and grief and step into his purpose and fulfillment in all areas of life. We hope that this episode leaves you bright and hopeful that even the darkest stories can have a silver lining. 

You’ll also hear how Larry and his family are navigating losing someone to suicide, how they are changing the stigma related to suicide deaths, and how you can keep the memory of lost loved ones alive and so much more. This is the type of open and honest conversation we believe needs to be happening more in 2022! 

What is one thing that stuck out to you from our conversation today? Take action and have a conversation about your biggest takeaway with a friend! Also, if you know someone who needs to hear this conversation, share this episode with them! If you ever want to reach out to us or our guests, follow the links below to learn how to connect with us! 

Always in your corner,

Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • What life was like growing as Larry
  • When Larry lost his Mother
  • When you find out who your friends are
  • Signs of the victim mentality 
  • You don’t have to struggle alone
  • The importance of generosity
  • Normalizing the “struggle”
  • If you can help one person, it’s worth it!
  • How to learn more from Larry
  • The #1 organization for mental health
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 A look into today’s episode  
  • 1:41 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 2:35 Get to know Larry
  • 8:11 How your life can recalibrate in hard times
  • 11:50 How Larry is making the world a better place
  • 19:03 When Larry lost his brother-in-law
  • 27:25 The importance of talking about loss
  • 33:10 When Clint used to feel weak
  • 38:30 The mental health solutions Larry is bringing to the world today

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