EPISODE 75: Choosing Faith Over Fear with Rob Swymer

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! This is episode 75 and today you’ll be hosted by myself, Chuck Thuss, and our incredible guest, Rob Swymer. Clint had to skip today’s recording because he is out saving the world! (Per usual) If you have heard the story behind how Clint and I first became friends, you may remember how our connection was created quickly. Within a matter of moments over a simple phone call, we both knew we found a friend for life.

If you have ever experienced that level of instant connection, you know that those moments seem to only happen a few times in a lifetime. That’s why I am particularly excited to share this conversation with you today. Hit play to meet the one and only Rob Swymer and you will understand why I had a similar connection! Rob is a bestselling author, certified life coach and speaker, and mental health advocate. During our time together, Rob takes us into his journey from growing up in Boston and having an active and wonderful childhood where his only focus was fitting in and being liked, all the way to the fateful day that changed everything for Rob and made him realize what stuff matters in life.

Rob married his first wife, Bonnie, at the age of 21 during the summer of his college junior year. Together, they had three children. In 1994, Rob and Bonnie moved from Boston and headed to Atlanta, where they raised their children and built a great life together. In 2013, Rob lost Bonnie to a massive brain aneurysm. However, he learned the adversity in his life had given him the strength to endure the loss of a loved one. These tragic events are what led Rob to choose Faith over fear and why he is now leading a servant-driven life.

Hear the powerful mindset shifts, hard truths he had to expect, the exact steps he took to move from devastation to empowerment, and so much more. This power-packed episode perfectly displays how Rob leads with empathy and applies the lessons learned from his adversity to help others build resilience and thrive, not only in business but also in their personal lives.

You’ll also learn how Rob found healing after the death of his wife, how he was blessed to find love again and is now married to his Bride Melissa and how his life all worked out for the good. This episode will leave you with the hope and encouragement you need to face even the toughest days. For more free resources and to connect with us, check out the list below!

Always in your corner,

Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • What’s Inside Rob’s best selling book
  • Why you should live like a DOG
  • You decide how you respond
  • Making daily choices to live healthily
  • Healing is a wave you have to ride
  • The human connect crisis
  • Life after love lost
  • Learning to love again
  • Choosing to be a leader
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 A look into today’s episode
  • 1:38 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 5:31 What childhood was like for Rob
  • 10:15 How Rob got into college despite the odds
  • 16:04 When Rob lost the love of his life
  • 20:38 The real mission behind Rob’s book
  • 36:29 The power of true serenading
  • 40:15 How to overcome and start thriving
  • 46:17 Giving yourself the permission to live again
  • 51:39 How to start enjoying life even in the small things
  • 57:31 What Rob wants every listener to hear today

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