EPISODE 67: Never Judge a Book By Its Cover with André Allen

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“They have everything going for them! What do they have to worry about?”

The phrase above represents the assumption of many when it comes to the successful. Culture suggests that just because you are a successful athlete or entrepreneur, you should have everything together. This common misconception has caused a lot of internal stress for high performers and is what keeps emotions “bottled up.”

On the other hand, culture also assumes that just because you maybe come from a broken family or grew up on the wrong side of town, your future is already predetermined, so why even try reaching for something more? In today’s episode, we leave all the assuming behind and talk about seeing past face value and knowing people where it matters. Their heart.

Today we welcome former athlete, professional speaker, and founder of Crossroad Moments, André Allen. André shares his faith-filled journey of growing up in Mississippi, the harsh transition of his parent’s divorce, and the moment that changed his perspective forever. You’ll hear how moving to a more integrated city made André realize we are not just skin deep and how communication is the key to unlocking new doors and becoming all you can be.

Join the conversation as Andre talks about how God used sports and athletics to help him become the first college graduate in his family. Because of his hard work and discipline, generations after him can now reach for a brighter future. André isn’t just a trailblazer in education, though; listen in as we talk about the crossroads moment André experienced during the toughest time of his life and how reaching out (something he had never learned in his family) made all the difference and set course for the impactful life he leads today.

This episode is sure to leave you empowered and hopeful! Hit play to learn how to overcome your own “crossroads moment” and how you can take action towards a better future today.

Remember, the door is always open for those who have the courage to seek help. For more resources or to connect with us, check out the links below!

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More of what we talk about...

  • How divorce affected 11-year-old André
  • Looking at someone’s heart, not their skin
  • What builds a true leader
  • The domino of being the first to go to college
  • Owning the power you have to change the world
  • Finding your circle of people you trust
  • Relearning how to approach life
  • What to do if you reach a crossroads
  • The importance of loving yourself
  • Why you should give yourself a chance
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 2:27 Welcome, trailblazer André Allen
  • 5:56 Growing up with racial tension in Mississippi
  • 12:08 The moment André’s world opened up
  • 16:39 Communication is powerful
  • 19:14 How sports taught André to be a leader
  • 27:04 The hardest time in André’s life
  • 31:16 Overcoming mental adversity with people you trust
  • 38:11 Understanding the struggle of athletes
  • 44:32 The heart of Crossroad Moments
  • 48:28 Where to connect with André
  • 51:40 André’s advice for you: Love Yourself
  • 54:36 Closing thoughts

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