EPISODE 58: Your Story Isn’t Finished – The Journey To Sobriety with Jewels A.

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What happens when a coping mechanism starts causing more damage than help? For many addicts, this is the exact struggle they deal with every day. Our guest today is someone who has not only struggled with addiction but came out on the other side with a fresh start and a powerful outlook on life.

Join us as we talk with recovering alcoholic, author, and competitive national bodybuilder, Jewels A. Jewels tells her heroic journey of enduring trauma and abuse at a young age to finding comfort at the bottom of a bottle. You’ll hear how even when she pulled herself into what could be considered a successful adult life the hold of alcoholism continued to cause some major damage.

Listen in as Jewels talks about the day she decided to quit for good and how she began her process of recovery and ultimately a brand new life. We talk about the source that keeps Jewels grounded, her go-to morning practices to stay on top, and the advice she has to remind herself of all the time. Your recovery comes one step at a time, and if Jewels’ story is anything to go by then there is a rich life waiting for you on the other side.

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More of what we talk about...

  • Growing up with a traumatic childhood
  • Losing the connection to her mother at an early age
  • Coping with the disease of alcoholism
  • Why Jewels never took a sip of alcohol again
  • Staying connected to the source that grounds you
  • How you can start your day right
  • Gaining perspective on bad and good times
  • Learning to forgive yourself and others
  • Bodybuilding at 40 years old
  • Why you may need to stay away from boredom
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today
  • 2:20 Welcome Jewels!
  • 3:11 Jewels’ story
  • 8:03 Making the best decision you can
  • 11:54 Becoming an adult at 14
  • 16:15 The moment that Jewels knew it was time to stop drinking
  • 21:05 Finding connection and understanding around the world
  • 23:10 What life was like after alcohol
  • 26:54 Finding the source of unconditional love
  • 31:53 What Jewels does today to stay focused
  • 37:55 The power of forgiveness in Jewels’ life
  • 39:40 How Jewels got into bodybuilding
  • 43:50 Where to connect with Jewels
  • 45:24 Jewels’ advice for you
  • 48:14 Closing thoughts

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