EPISODE 48: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Believing In Your Future Self with Eric Rogers

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Have you ever heard the phrase “you’re too much.” before? Chances are if you have, it came from a teacher, a parent, or someone you held in high regard…for those living with undiagnosed mental illness, words like this can be damaging. Even if the person who said it didn’t mean any harm or have malicious intent. Hearing these words as a youngster can make you feel like who you are is somehow flawed.

Hearing these words and overcoming the limitations that come with it is how the journey of today’s guest begins.

Today’s guest has a journey that is so impactful and uplifting you won’t want to hit the pause button. From overcoming cancer at just two years old to facing death from substance abuse multiple times, Eric Rogers has lived despite all odds. We take a look into Eric’s childhood of growing up in an emotionally abusive household while dealing with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Battling mental illness is not an easy thing, but for eight-year-old Eric, it was painful enough for him to seek normalcy in pills from his parents medicine cabinet.

Listen in as Eric tells his journey of addiction, soberness, and all the lessons in between. We have an honest conversation on the struggles of addiction, how Eric found a new perspective with sober eyes, and the practical steps he takes today to maintain a healthy mind and body. His story has touched not just us, but so many who have also struggled with addiction, and the label of being “too much”. Join us as we learn how Eric came to shed his crippling self-doubt, love who he is, and use his gifts to change the world around him.

We hope this episode encourages, and gives you the courage to reach out for help. 

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More of what we talk about...

  • Growing up with undiagnosed mental illness
  • How Eric was ashamed of being “too much”
  • Escaping reality through substance abuse
  • Finding a new perspective in jail
  • The signs of hope that kept Eric going
  • How you can overcome self-doubt
  • The power of believing in your future self
  • Learning the process of healing and sharing it with others
  • Daily habits that help keep Eric sober-minded
  • Finding hope in everyday pain and discomfort
  • Understanding the gift of being human
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today!
  • 1:36 Introducing Eric Rogers
  • 5:59 Dealing with emotional abuse at a young age
  • 10:27 Putting energy into the wrong places
  • 16:07 Sobering up in jail and life after
  • 21:34 Surviving despite all odds
  • 24:19 The struggle of self-doubt
  • 28:22 How Eric Rogers found his purpose
  • 34:23 What Eric’s life looks like today
  • 40:53 Where to connect with Eric
  • 44:17 Eric’s advice to you
  • 44:47 Closing thoughts

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