EPISODE 45: Fighting The Stigma with Compassionate Education with Michelle E. Dickinson

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If you think mental illness or disorders are just affecting a small group of people…here is a stat to put things into perspective. 42% of the global workforce has experienced a decline in their mental health since the beginning of the pandemic.

42% isn’t a number to shake a stick at…

It begs the question, why is there still such a strong stigma around topics regarding mental health? With more people than ever experiencing it now, we have an amazing opportunity to enter into compassionate conversation and end the stigma once and for all.

Our guest today is working towards this goal with fierce passion. Michelle E. Dickinson is a Wellbeing Strategist and passionate mental health advocate. She sees herself as the bridge that helps people get comfortable with their mental health. Allowing them to reach out and get the support they need before a crisis hits. Michelle takes us on a journey through her childhood from growing up with a mom who had severe bipolar disorder to shedding her anger and learning to heal with compassion and understanding.

It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with depression that Michelle really dove into therapy. There she would learn through extensive self-discovery and patience that her childhood was more than distant memories. You’ll hear how Michelle has shaped her life for the better, not in spite of her mom’s abuse, but by using it as motivation to create psychological resilience and mental health strategies that cultivate cultures of compassion. Listen in as we discuss the importance of bringing this into the workplace and how leaders can set an example and create a safe place for their employees.

If you are struggling with your mental health, chances are you aren’t the only one. This episode will leave you feeling empowered to take a step out and have that brave conversation. It may just change the course of your life for good.

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For more resources or to get in touch with Michelle, check out the links below!

More of what we talk about...

  • Growing up with a mentally ill parent
  • Finding support outside of home
  • The journey of forgiving her mom
  • Changing the perspective on Bipolar Disorder
  • Repeating patterns based on your childhood
  • Being diagnosed with depression
  • The power of your relationship with your parents
  • Educating the corporate space on mental illness
  • How you can support the people you lead
  • Normalizing conversation on mental illness
  • Setting the tone as a leader
  • Using self-awareness to root out bias
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today!
  • 1:38 Introducing Michelle E. Dickinson
  • 6:23 Navigating a difficult home life
  • 11:45 The road to forgiveness and healing
  • 16:15 Gravitating towards familiar people
  • 20:51 Pushing through pain to find healing
  • 24:13 How Michelle shaped her life today
  • 27:35 Where to find Michelle
  • 30:42 Breaking through stigma in corporations
  • 36:12 Building trust as a leader
  • 40:33 The effect society has had on men
  • 45:32 Michelle’s advice for you
  • 47:26 Closing thoughts

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