EPISODE 36: Creating A Legacy Through Integrity with Former Olympian Blaine Wilson

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Today’s episode is one filled with incredible perseverance. From a hyperactive child to a world-known Olympian our next guest will bring you encouragement, hope, and empowerment with his story. 

Today we go on a journey with two-time Olympian and highly decorated gymnast Blaine Wilson. You’ll get an inside look at how Blaine got into gymnastics and the perseverance that took him from letting out energy to competing in division one college tournaments and even into the Olympics. Blaine talks about the endurance that most gymnasts have to deal with not just physically but mentally and how when the going got tough, he just got tougher.

Listen in as we discuss the pressure of being a top athlete and how Blaine was able to use his struggles as motivation to persevere through physical injuries and negative commentary. He talks about the biggest pressure he faced as a gymnast and why keeping himself mentally healthy was the most important thing he could do. You’ll learn about the impact and legacy that Blaine plans to leave his children and others who are willing to learn from him. 

We hope this episode gives you the courage and the hope to follow and enjoy your own journey to becoming the best that you can be. For more resources or to connect with Blaine, check out the links below! 

Always In Your Corner, 

Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • How Blaine got started in Gymnastics
  • Transitioning from high school gymnastics to college
  • Blaine’s best moment in gymnastics
  • The decline of college gymnastics programs
  • The biggest pressure you can face
  • What it really takes to be in the Olympics
  • Pushing through the mental battle of injuries
  • Blaine’s impact and legacy as a father
  • The importance of believing in your potential
  • Finding the motivation to keep going
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today
  • 1:42 Introducing Blaine Wilson
  • 6:15 The intense training of Gymnastics
  • 10:40 Pushing through negative feedback
  • 14:26 Transitioning into playing for the Olympics
  • 19:21 The role models Blaine looked up to
  • 23:07 Dealing with injuries and competing
  • 29:13 How Blaine dealt with the anxiety of being a top athlete
  • 34:16 The impact of Blaine’s legacy
  • 38:01 Blaine’s advice for those needing encouragement
  • 39:02 Closing thoughts and advice

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