EPISODE 12: Overdue Healing – Acknowledging Past Trauma with Keith Mundee

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Trigger Warning: This episode talks about graphic trauma and abuse with guns, if this is overwhelming for you right now try listening to another episode and come back when you’re ready! Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked, today we have a very special guest Keith Mundee, owner of American Hat Company. Keith is a husband, father, and businessman who really exemplifies what it means to live his life with courage and perseverance. We have an open and honest conversation about a traumatic moment that would set the stage for the rest of his life. Listen in as Keith talks about this and other traumatic events that he wasn’t even aware of until much later. It wasn’t until after he read Clint’s book and took a closer look within that Keith was able to address and begin the healing process of living with severe PTSD. You’ll gain encouragement as you listen to Keith’s story and his journey to grow and become mentally healthy. If you’re currently dealing with trauma or PTSD we hope this encourages you to keep moving forward, and for those who may not even realize they have PTSD, we hope this episode helps to shed some light for you and gives you the courage to step out and accept healing.

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Chuck and Clint


More of What We Talk About:

  • A moment that changed Keith’s life
  • How Keith realized he had PTSD
  • When Keith began his mental health journey
  • How the trauma affected his family
  • The importance of working on your trauma
  • The point Keith decided to move out of California
  • How Keith adapts to his life today
  • And much more!


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:36 Clint’s adoration for
  • 7:49 How Keith’s story of PTSD started
  • 18:28 the story of Keith’s second attack
  • 19:46 How many times Keith avoided death
  • 22:08 What was running through Kieth’s mind post robbery
  • 23:47 Keith’s on the work injury that affects his mental health
  • 30:23 How Clint’s book affected Keith
  • 35:20 How Keith has felt with his PTSD
  • 43:44 What Keith’s life looks like today
  • 48:17 What to do if you think you have PTSD



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