EPISODE 119: Discovering the Tribe Within – Nick Rothwell’s Pathway to Accountability and Purpose

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome back to another powerful episode of Warriors Unmasked. In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Nick Rothwell, a former professional hockey player, live sports broadcaster, podcast host, founder of ReTribe, recovered alcoholic, and mental health advocate.

Before we dove into his incredible journey and the impactful work he’s doing today, we looked back to his childhood. Nick’s early years were marked by fear, primarily stemming from his father’s struggles with alcoholism. Growing up in Pontex, Saskatchewan, Nick experienced the volatile side of his father when he was under the influence.

His father’s addiction and the resulting violence created a sense of fear and insecurity in Nick’s life. These early experiences had a profound impact on his sense of self and led to the development of coping mechanisms, including lying and stealing, as a means to gain control and protect himself.

Despite the challenges at home, sports became an avenue for Nick to find his identity and escape the turmoil. Athletic success garnered him attention and provided a temporary respite from the chaos. However, he carried a sense of fraudulence with him, never truly believing in his own worth beyond being a hockey player.

As Nick entered adulthood, his journey took a turbulent turn. He ventured through a chaotic period marked by travels, relationships that lacked depth, and increasing isolation. Nick’s attempts to address his problems with alcohol and addiction led him to dark places, including prison, detox centers, and hospitals.

It was in these darkest moments that Nick reached a turning point. He recognized the need for help and sought solace in 12-step recovery. Through this process, he discovered the power of connecting with others who shared similar struggles. These bonds and shared experiences became the foundation for his work with Re-Tribe.

Re-Tribe is Nick’s vision to help individuals find their tribe, experience accountability, and regain balance in their lives. He draws inspiration from our human evolution, emphasizing the innate need to belong and the purpose that tribes provide. Nick’s journey, from fear and addiction to
purpose and connection, exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and recovery. If you’re ready to hear more about Nick’s remarkable journey and the transformative work he’s doing, hit play now. His story reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there can be profound growth and purpose.

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Chuck and Clint


  • 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors
  • 03:00 Welcome to special guest, Nick Rothwell
  • 05:51 Nick’s childhood and how it helped shape who he has become today
  • 06:49 Nick witnessed his dad’s struggle with alcohol and pain at 8 years old
  • 08:22 Anger and abuse in Nick’s home made him feel powerless
  • 09:58 Nick grew up, riddled by fear and explains where that fear stemmed from
  • 13:14 Some of the signs that people show when they are hurting
  • 15:57 Nick shares how vital it is to have a father who is loving and that casts identity
  • 17:07 The importance of young men being able to process emotions in a safe place growing up
  • 18:53 Nick talks about how asking for help is so vital that it should be rewarded
  • 23:08 Nick shares about the importance of community and accountability
  • 25:57 Does Nick look back at all the hard things in life and consider them a blessing
  • 30:38 Nick talks about his journey of dealing with past wounds going into marriage
  • 34:32 The person you are helping may also be just as much a help to you
  • 37:58 Nick recalls something that his dad told him when he was 12 that still resonates with him
  • 40:40 Nick shares his personal daily routines that have helped him stay in a good place
  • 45:28 Hear about Nick’s company, Re-Tribe and all that they do
  •  51:19 What Nick would say to the person who is struggling and in pain today


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