EPISODE 112: Warriors Unmasked Conversation With Eric Christiansen

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Welcome everyone, to another exciting episode of Warriors Unmasked. This is episode 112, and we have a guest who is no less than a living inspiration. The man of the hour is Mr. Eric Christiansen – an acclaimed documentarian, a recipient of the prestigious Southwestern Region Emmy Award seven times, an ambassador for Given Hour, and a champion for mental health.

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on Eric’s life story. Strap in as we travel from a traumatizing event he experienced more than three decades ago, through a difficult period of substance abuse, and towards the transformative power of assistance and rehabilitation.

The crux of our conversation today is about the resilience and fortitude that springs from times of despair. About 30 years ago, Eric was an editor for music videos and commercials when his life took an unfortunate turn. On June 27th, 1990, the Painted Cave Fire Disaster consumed his house and everything in it, including his Super 8 films, marking the end of an era. Little did he know that this was also the prologue to a new, unexpected journey.

In the wake of the fire disaster, Eric found solace in substance abuse to numb his pain and loss. However, life had a twist in store. This was his initial stride towards healing from trauma, managing grief, and narrating stories of hope. Eric’s journey was far from easy, but it equipped him with invaluable insights and experiences that he now uses to help others on similar journeys. His story is a testament to the human capability to rise from the ashes and discover a renewed sense of hope.

According to Eric, feeling lost is a common sentiment among trauma survivors, as if one’s life story is abruptly interrupted. This leaves one in shock, often grappling with confusion. But the emphasis of our conversation is that it’s perfectly alright not to have all the answers. The process of seeking help, reaching out, and enduring the struggle is often the first step towards recovery and reclaiming hope.
Eric’s inspiring journey, his lessons learned, and his thoughts on resilience and hope in Episode 112 of Warriors Unmasked. Remember, no matter the odds, hope is always within reach. There is always a path forward and people willing to embark on the journey with you. Reach out to us via the links below if you need someone to talk to!

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  • 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors
  • 2:56 Unmasking Hope, 30 years in the making
  • 8:36 What goes through your mind when you come home to find your house burnt down
  • 11:24 The mental health battle that followed
  • 14:10 The common question of, what’s next?
  • 15:51 A message for the lonely trauma survivor
  • 19:42 The business card that changed Eric’s life
  • 25:19 Is the tragedy and trauma a blessing now?
  • 28:40 How Unmasking Hope came together
  • 33:25 Regaining just a little bit of control
  • 36:56 The role of resiliency
  • 41:33 We’re not our trauma
  • 43:40 Where you can learn more about Eric
  • 46:07 Eric’s message if you’re short on hope and resiliency

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