EPISODE 110: The Psychedelic Path: Shattering Misconceptions and Building Understanding with Matt Zemon

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Hey there, we’re back with another exciting session of Warriors Unmasked. This time, we got to chat with Matt Zeman, an author, entrepreneur, and expert in psychedelic medicine, who also
stands strong as an advocate for mental health.

Our talk with Matt took us deep into the intriguing world of psychedelic medicine, a topic that’s relevant and mind-opening. It all began with Matt’s personal experience that led him down this path, triggering an inspiring transformation in his life and mindset.

Matt’s first encounter with psychedelic medicine wasn’t just an experience, it was a revelation. It helped him understand the healing potential of these substances, and that led him to shift his
perspective on his work and life.

But Matt didn’t stop at experiencing. He delved deeper, keeping abreast of the latest research in the field. Matt cleared up some misconceptions and highlighted the therapeutic benefits, expanding our understanding of this fascinating subject.

Beyond psychedelics, we got a glimpse into Matt’s views on mental health. He shared his struggles and journey towards wellness, inspiring all of us to strive for better mental health. Lastly, we peeked into Matt’s entrepreneurial journey, where his experiences with psychedelic
medicine play a pivotal role. Matt shed light on his vision and the hurdles he’s faced, showcasing how he’s leveraging his platform for good.

We hope that this enlightening conversation with Matt helps to break down any stigma you may have around this type of treatment, just as it did for us. To connect with us or Matt follow the links below.

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Chuck and Clint


  • 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors
  • 2:50 How Matt Zemon decided to help people with mental illness
  •  7:08 Why it’s so hard for athletes to leave their sport
  • 12:30 Emotions are more than okay – even needed!
  • 16:02 When Matt experienced his first medical psychedelic
  • 18:58 What if there is too much trauma in a certain memory to uncover it?
  • 23:34 How this method can help end PTSD
  • 28:26 Legal psychedelics in the US and how to try them
  • 32:29 How to learn more about psychedelics?
  • 37:19 About Matt’s book and the many things psychedelics can help with
  • 44:29 Matt’s statement to those who are tired and looking for a solution


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