EPISODE 103: Reducing Veteran Suicide Rates with Bob Taylor

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Hey there, Warriors Unmasked fans! Today’s episode is an incredibly special one, as we sit down with Mr. Bob Taylor, a veteran, author, and founder of the Patriot Promise Foundation.

Bob takes us on a journey from his senior year at Michigan State University to being deployed halfway around the world during Operation Desert Storm as a B-52 navigator in the United States Air Force. He shares his experience of flying 11 combat missions and receiving the Air Force’s Air Medal, followed by serving as a KC-135 navigator, eventually rising to the rank of Major.

After retiring from the Air Force, Bob held various positions in the medical device industry, eventually becoming CEO of Alliant Healthcare Products. His company helped sell over $110 million of high-tech medical products to the VA and military hospitals last year alone. Alliant is also a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, which was recognized by the Small Business Administration as the Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year for 2019.

Bob’s writing of From Service to Success is a cornerstone of the Patriot Promise Foundation, which he founded to help reduce the rate of suicides among veterans and provide a clear path forward as they transition into civilian life. The foundation is a non-profit organization that is establishing non-profit ventures run by veterans, offering them the ability to learn new skills in the workplace while enhancing their lives through a training program based on Bob’s book. The foundation’s first priority is to get 100,000 copies of From Service to Success into the hands of veterans through donations from the public.

We hope you’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Warriors Unmasked as we take a deep dive into Bob’s journey and how he is making a difference in the lives of our servicemen and women every single day. It’s bound to be a fascinating and heart-warming conversation filled with understanding, love, and compassion. So, without further ado, hit play to meet Mr. Bob Taylor to the show!

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Chuck and Clint


  • 3:14 Welcome author, mother, volunteer, and activist Barbara Legere
  • 5:15 The story of Barbara and Kevin
  • 11:07 How honest and open was Kevin about his addiction?
  • 15:38 Here’s what rehab looked like for Kevin
  • 17:24 Prison itself was not enough to separate him from the addiction
  • 31:00 What the moment when Kevin passed away was like
  • 34:04 What Barbara has taken this situation and turned it into
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  • 48:58 A heartfelt message from Barbara to anyone who is struggling with addiction or a loved one’s addiction


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