EPISODE 44: Cancer – Persevering Through The Physical and Emotional Rollercoaster with David

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All of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether you’ve been diagnosed yourself, know someone who has, or lost a loved one there is no doubt that this devastating disease sometimes leaves us with more questions than answers.

There is one side of cancer that is not often talked about or thought about until you find yourself in the aftermath of a diagnosis. That side is the emotional side of the cancer journey. This part of the rollercoaster affects not just the patient but spreads into the entire family and community connected to the patient. It leaves you wondering…what can you even do to support them?

Today we share the story of someone who has been through this first hand. When David Richman lost his sister to brain cancer, he began a journey of not only bettering his health but eventually biking almost 5000 miles cross country to connect the dots between those who have experienced cancer and their emotional journey with it. If you were to ask a patient what they need, their first answer may be something more practical.

But through intentional questions, conversations, and offering up a safe space David has been able to record the emotional side of what it’s like to live with cancer. No two experiences are alike, and not just with cancer. David talks about the importance of the past and how someone’s life experience can determine how they react. You’ll hear about the lessons he’s learned through connection, how someone may react to their diagnosis, and why creating a safe space is one of the best things you could do to help.

Listen in as David shares the stories of some of the people he’s met along the way and how they have impacted his perspective on life. Like we said before there are not many of us who have not been affected by cancer. But with intense vulnerability, compassion, and listening you can make their journey a little easier.

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Chuck and Clint

More of what we talk about...

  • Why David started living life on purpose
  • Learning how to address the emotional side of cancer
  • Finding the silver lining and closure
  • Creating connection through relays
  • Why people self-isolate during their cancer journey
  • Allowing each other to be our authentic selves
  • A redefinition of what strength is
  • How to show up for those diagnosed with cancer
  • Understanding gratefulness in a deeper way
  • Taking one step forward no matter what
  • The effect of cancer on our doctors
  • And much more!

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What we cover today!
  • 1:43 Becoming a Philanthropist
  • 2:50 The start of David’s journey
  • 7:56 Unveiling the mystery of cancer
  • 11:24 Cross country biking and emotional understanding
  • 13:50 The power of your past before cancer diagnosis
  • 18:17 Learning vulnerability through Bobby’s story
  • 22:52 Creating a safe place for cancer patients
  • 26:00 Two conclusions that helped David heal
  • 29:06 How David chose which stories were told
  • 32:05 Dominic’s story and its ripple effect
  • 36:19 A look into resilience with Karen and Patricia
  • 43:07 Sharing a new perspective on life through his book
  • 47:28 How to find David’s resources
  • 50:04 David’s advice for you
  • 51:10 Closing thoughts

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