EPISODE 124: Coaching Through Change – Tony Everett’s Blueprint for Athlete Transition

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Today we step into the vibrant narrative of Tony Everett, the founder of My Personal Best Coaching. From England, to California, Tony has shaped a niche as a business coach with a unique clientele—athletes at the cusp of reinvention, poised to transition from competitive sports to the entrepreneurial world. But Tony’s coaching transcends business; it’s a journey to life transformation, where each session is a stroke that helps paint a new horizon.

Tony’s passion for change began with the inception of PureGame in 2009, a sports-based youth development nonprofit rooted in the firm belief that every child deserves to flourish. With a mission to empower, collaborate, and achieve a milestone in both influence and revenue, Tony’s coaching
philosophy is about reaching personal pinnacles while ensuring his clients do the same.

The essence of Tony’s approach is his holistic perspective on growth, his commitment to sparking curiosity, and his devotion to helping clients find new passion and purpose post-sports. His program, Warriors of Change, ingeniously incorporates the elements of water and flow, mirroring the
adaptability and fluidity required to navigate life’s varied challenges. It’s this unique methodology that sets Tony apart—a coach who sees beyond the scoreboard to the vast potential of the individual.
In our conversation, Tony shares his own transition story, reflecting on his move from England to America, a time when he felt adrift yet eventually found his calling in youth coaching. His focus shifted from athletic performance to the development of character, social engagement, and mental health support for teens. Tony’s reflections offer a window into his philosophy: It’s not about the wins and losses but about fostering a positive environment where children can truly thrive.
Join us as Tony dives into the profound impact of positive reinforcement and the danger of pressure and comparison that today’s youth face in sports and beyond. For coaches and parents alike, Tony provides actionable insights—how to acknowledge effort, nurture self-esteem, and communicate
effectively with the young athletes.

This episode of Warriors Unmasked is more than just a podcast; it’s a transformative conversation that challenges and changes our approach to youth sports and development. Press play and immerse yourself in the story of a man who’s redefining the essence of coaching and transforming
lives, one encouraging word at a time.

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Chuck and Clint


  • 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors
  • 02:55 Welcome to our special guest, Tony Everett
  • 03:33 Today’s conversation on transitioning from a life and career in sports
  • 04:00 Tony talks about his background and a passion to making a difference in kids lives
  • 05:20 Tony opens up about his passion for youth sports in America
  • 09:09 Young kids dealing with anxiety and depression in the pressure of competitive sports
  • 12:20 The constant struggle of comparison in our world today
  • 14:04 Tony talks about how parents and coaches can combat this fight to be perfect
  • 18:09 Tony shares how parents need to give their kids space to process
  • 21:25 The importance of expanding a kids comfort zone and taking it step by step
  • 23:27 The power of celebrating the little things as kids learn and the effects into adulthood
  • 27:23 Tony gives a challenge to parents on what their self image is
  • 30:00 Tony talks about reminding athletes that their 100% looks different each day
  • 32:37 The hard transition from athletics to post athletics
  • 35:19 Tony talks about the process of finding identity and passion again
  • 38:01 How to find curiosity again as an adult after sports
  • 39:38 The identity shift from a paid athlete to a new career
  • 42:37 Tony talks about the mental health crisis and if there is any progress being made in sports
  • 48:08 How to follow Tony and keep up with his work
  • 50:49 Tony’s advice to those who are transitioning out of sports and struggling with identity


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