EPISODE 121: From Survivor to Thriver – Shaun Flores Triumph Over OCD

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked - The Podcast!

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today, we delve deep into the heart and soul of Shaun Flores, a notable three-time TEDx speaker, a beacon of strength living with OCD, a leading social media influencer, and a tireless advocate for mental health.

From the tender age of six, when Shaun grappled with the loss of his father, to facing challenging experiences in his early relationships, his journey is marked with intense bouts of anxiety, incessant rumination, and the relentless search for answers. The modeling
industry presented its own set of challenges, intensifying his personal struggles with body image, identity, and toxic standards of beauty.

Each chapter of Shaun’s life is punctuated with questions that pierce the soul. As he found himself on a precipice, staring into the abyss of despair and identity crisis, salvation came in the form of a therapist who illuminated the path for Shaun, revealing his battle with OCD.

This episode is more than just a recounting of experiences; it’s an immersion. Walk with Shaun through the lanes of his memories, feel his anguish, his confusions, and his revelations. As he candidly shares his moments of vulnerability, you’ll find yourself transported, feeling each emotion as intensely as he did.

Dive deep into the nuanced world of OCD, mental health struggles, and the courage it takes to face one’s demons, accept them, and rise above. Through Shaun’s narrative, we are reminded of the sheer power of understanding, acceptance, and the healing touch of
genuine human connection.
As we navigate this conversation, we also reflect on the larger societal challenges, the intricacies of the human mind, and the significance of fostering a safe space for those who fight silent battles every day.

This is not just another episode; it’s an experience, a revelation, and most importantly, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Press play, and let Shaun Flores’s story inspire, challenge, and awaken something deep within you.

In your corner,

Chuck and Clint


  • 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors
  • 02:59 Welcome to special guest, 3X TedX speaker, Shaun Flores
  • 04:37 Shaun talks about the work that he is currently doing with OCD in mental health
  • 06:47 Shaun opens up about life before being diagnosed with OCD
  • 09:13 Anxiety and depression began when Shaun’s relationship experiences
  • 12:58 Shaun opens up about his modeling career
  • 15:12 Shaun’s anxiety got so bad that it turned to visualizing suicide
  • 16:16 The moment that Shaun realized that he had severe OCD
  • 18:12 Shaun talks about the things in his life that had been harboring OCD
  • 20:12 Shaun opens up about always searching for a father figure after his father died
  • 22:56 Shaun talks about allowing OCD to take over through suppressing emotions
  • 25:56 Shaun shares the story about meeting his half brother in 2021
  • 30:32 How do we process things in life that have no answers?
  • 33:53 Shaun unpacks the journey of healing that young boy that was hurt inside him
  • 39:55 Shaun talks about being himself and the generosity of other people keeping him going
  • 41:37 Shaun talks about being a social media role model
  • 43:57 What Shaun is doing for work and how he’s helping people with anxiety and depression
  • 46:00 How Shuan is implementing self-care into his life everyday
  • 51:57 Shaun gives his thoughts of encouragement to those who resonate with his story

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