EPISODE 11: Honoring The Heroes That Protect Us with Corey Christman

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked

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Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked, today we have an incredible friend and Air Force veteran on the show Corey Christman. You might have noticed that we have more military personnel on our show than normal, but we know the individual stories and messages from each veteran are so unique. Corey is the owner of Bravery Wines, a company dedicated to celebrating the heroes in our lives, he is a retired Supervisory Special Agent, United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We have an open discussion about Corey’s experience while in the military and being diagnosed with PTSD when retiring, and how he managed to work towards healing. Corey shares his struggles of coming to terms with having PTSD and the journey he took to accept help from those around him. Pulling himself up and out of mental illness to pursue winemaking and in turn creating Bravery Wines, a wine company that helps celebrate and donate to retired veterans, first responders, and everyday heroes. We hope you find encouragement, hope, and maybe just that little extra push to reach out and grab the hands that are extended to you in help. You have the courage to overcome any struggle, and start your own journey.

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Chuck and Clint


More of What We Talk About:


  • How to gain a strong foundation of communication and trust
  • The transition from military service to civilian life
  • The moment that started a spiral for Corey
  • How Corey found out he had PTSD
  • The journey of overcoming PSTD and mental trauma
  • How Corey got into the winemaking business
  • The story behind Bravery Wines
  • The heroes that shape our world
  • And much more!


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:20 Welcome Corey Christman
  • 5:58 How Corey protects the people on the front line
  • 9:30 What put Corey in a fight or flight mode
  • 17:15 Developing life or death trust
  • 21:04 How Corey transitioned to civilization living
  • 26:42 When Corey felt like the wheels started to come off
  • 36:15 The story behind Corey’s wine career
  • 43:43 How to get a bottle of Corey’s wine
  • 48:35 A funny story about Clint
  • 52:14 Corey’s advice


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